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1 Thessalonians 3





Today we are looking at 1 Thess 3. We see 3 major things among other things. We see thankfulness, love, and relationship.

We see that Paul is concerned about this church and the troubles that they are experiencing. They are living a new life, worshipping a new

Lord, Jesus Christ and when people change from worshipping idols to serving the one true God, it affects their whole lives. It upsets the status

Quo in their society. Their home, work, family, religion, economic lives are separated from their old life and relationships. The church became their

Community and this causes conflict very often with their old established life and Paul was concerned that this conflict had caused them to falter in

Their faith.

Paul expresses joy and thankfulness that in spite of everything that is against the new fledgling, church community that they are continuing in their faith, growing in relationship

With God and with one another and that the church continues to love Paul and Silas in their troubles. That they haven’t said now that the going is getting rough, we are

Abandoning you and our new faith. It was rewarding to see the relationship that they had established with the church flourishing. To know

That you are loved, prayed for and supported in the midst of suffering is a joyful experience. It doesn’t take away the suffering but it is encouraging

To know that you are not alone and that you are loved.

Paul also expresses that love is evident in this church. Paul and Silas prayer is that “the Lord make you increase and abound in love for one another

And for all” It is the love that this new church has for one another that will ensure their survival in the middle of persecution. Paul said in

1 Corinthians 13:2 that without love we are nothing. Jesus also stated in Luke 10 that the main thing that mattered is to love God, and to love one’s

Neighbor as you loved yourself.

As Paul closes out this chapter he reminds them that as they love, God will make their hearts strong and they will be able to stand strong, blameless and holy

Before God our Father when our Lord Jesus comes again.

This is a reminder to us that as we love God and one another that our hearts will be strong and that you and I will be able to stand strong, blameless,

And holy before God our Father when our Lord Jesus comes again for us.

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1 Comment

Sep 15, 2023

What is great about the dwell message is the way it helps you see the word in a new light. Thanks for providing a rich background that could be easily missed. A blessed way to start the weekend.

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