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2 Peter 2





Today we are looking at 2 Peter 2. Peter is addressing the issue of false teachers. He doesn’t just say be careful---He is very emphatic about watching out for false teachers. Peter loved Jesus! He knew Him—He lived alongside Him—He ate with him—He saw him Crucified and saw Him resurrected! He KNEW Jesus and his teachings!

Peter knew what to tell the Christians about false teachers because he knew the truth. He loved the church (Christ's followers) and it angered him that these teachers would lure Christians away from the truth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Just as you would be Angry if someone came along and lured your children into danger and even death by Promising them things that weren’t true. Imagine that your children would leave safety and Go with someone and end up gone forever! That is the warning that Peter is giving the church. What is a false teacher? In this chapter, a false teacher is defined as instead of teaching the truth Of God’s Word—they teach things that are NOT true-Lies. Peter uses strong, emphatic language To describe false teachers and what will happen to them. Have you ever taken a true-false text?

Only 2 answers apply. Is it true? Right or is it FALSE- wrong? One or the other. We like to think that there wouldn’t be false teachers in the church but that is exactly what Peter Is saying. They are deceptive and sneaky-taking God’s word and twisting it around. Do you know Any false teacher that would stand up and say, Hey, listen to me! I’m a false teacher, I’m telling you lies! No, they are sneaky—They appear to be saved and good and godly so as to appear more believable and fool people. Peter says they are bold and arrogant, making people believe them because it sounds good and they must know what they are talking about! Peter goes on to say that they seduce the unstable, and vulnerable by promising freedom while they themselves are slaves to sin and depravity and are full of greed.

Are you thinking oh I would see that right away and not be pulled in but these people appeal to our sinful nature and say this way is good and easy and Jesus didn’t mean this or that when he asked us to follow Him. Peter goes on to describe these men and what will happen to them in STRONG words! He says that Believers in Jesus who are just escaping the corruption of the world and get pulled back into sin by these false teachers are better off not having known Jesus than to know Him and then turn their backs on Him. The ungodly will be judged! Read this chapter and see the truth of the judgment of God. We as Christians have been saved, delivered from judgment as we follow God but God promises judgment to those who don’t follow him and who lead others away from him.

Peter is writing and ADAMANTLY warning us to guard our hearts and minds, to use the discernment of the spirit of God and the knowledge of the Word to guard our hearts and minds. Let’s don’t be like children who hear but don’t listen and follow whatever sounds good. Let us listen to the Spirit of God and put on the whole armor of God as we follow Jesus.

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Nov 16, 2023

I love how each dwell message reinforces God’s word. It provides such clarity and insight making each passage stand out with great examples that help with meaningful understanding. Thank you for making the word alive in me.

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