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Genesis 8





Good morning, family, today our study comes from Genesis 8.  After the global destruction in chapter 7, chapter 8 starts off with an interesting yet comforting phrase, “But God Remembered Noah…” which shows God is a compassionate and loving Father.  Also, this signifies God faithfulness to His covenant.  While God was wiping out all of humanity and animals in judgement, Noah was inside the Ark for many days, 150 to be exact, waiting for the rain from heaven to be over.  This brings up an interesting point, during the difficult times in our own personal lives which sometimes may seem like days, weeks or even months:  What are we doing?  Are we continuing to walk by faith and trust that God will bring us through? Are we staying in His Word and seeking to determine what characteristic God is perfecting within us? Remember all things work together for our good…

Romans 8:28.


Also, in this chapter, we observe God’s restoration plan.  Notice God sends the wind, which symbolizes His Holy Spirit, to recede the water.  This should give us hope during our trials:  His Spirit has the power to remove any stumbling block or restore you from any calamity when you have faith.


Another interesting point is when the land is dried:  When Noah and every living creature is allowed to leave the Ark, Noah makes an alter to worship and thank God.  After God brings us out of our trial, are we giving thanks and building an alter like Noah or are we like the 9 lepers who after being healed did not give thanks, (Luke 17:11-19). Furthermore, how many times do we make a vow that if God gets me through this or that trial, I will never do this or that again, only to find ourselves repeating the trial?


In closing, no matter how many times we have messed-up or missed the mark, God is ready to keep His covenant to expeditiously restore YOU!!!  His desire is that none should perish, but that all will come into repentance, (2 Pet 3:9).  Will you accept TODAY HIS gift of salvation and return to HIM?


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