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2 Corinthians 7





In this chapter, Paul continues his message to the Corinthian church, urging them to be reconciled not only to God, but also to one another. He begins by saying that he is proud of them for their repentance and their desire to turn away from sin.

Paul then goes on to say that his previous letter to them was difficult, but that, he wrote it out of love for them, and with the hope that they would repent. He is now encouraged by the news that they have done just that, and he praises them for their obedience.

Paul also writes about his joy in Titus, who has brought him news, of the Corinthians' repentance and their eagerness to make things right. He says that he is both comforted and encouraged by Titus' presence, and by the news, that the Corinthians are taking steps to correct their previous wrongs.

Paul then turns to the topic of worldly sorrow versus godly sorrow. He explains that worldly sorrow leads to death, but godly sorrow leads to repentance and salvation. He commends the Corinthians for their godly sorrow, which has led to their repentance, and their desire to live in a way that is pleasing to God.

The chapter concludes with Paul reminding the Corinthians of his love for them, and his desire, to see them reconciled to God, and to one another. He encourages them to continue in their repentance and to live in a way that brings honor to God.

I would like to dig deeper into what Paul refers to as, “being reconciled to one another.” Being reconciled to another person typically means resolving conflicts, misunderstandings, or disagreements that have created a division or strained the relationship. Reconciliation is the act of restoring harmony and understanding between people who have been at odds with each other. There are several reasons, why someone might need to be reconciled to another.

Pure and simple, relationships are often messy, and at times, they can be the source of some major hurt in our lives. I’m sure that I’m not alone, when I admit that I’ve been hurt pretty bad in some relationships. And if I’m honest, on occasion, I’ve also been the one to cause the hurt. The hurt we experience, often leaves some deep emotional wounds. To find healing takes time, the Lord, and on occasion, professional help. Someone you know, may come to mind, that wrestles with relationship wounds. If not dealt with, quickly, bitterness will take root, and affect all of our relationships negatively.

We are all in a war, and Satan uses our wounds to defeat us, but Jesus came to heal our souls, and our emotional wounds. We have wounds, that we just can’t overcome by ignoring. They are deep in our souls, but Jesus, wants to heal, all our wounds. Emotional healing brings tremendous freedom to your life.

Jesus said, He came to heal the brokenhearted. We find in Matthew twenty-one verse forty-two and, Ephesians one verse six, a broken heart causes rejection in our lives. Satan can use this sense of rejection to build strongholds within us. When we reject God, it opens a door to the Enemy. We may need inner healing, from emotional strongholds, if we struggle with the following: anger, insecurity, pride, independence, being easily offended, excessive shyness and wanting to be always in control. Jesus came to heal our emotional bruises. According to Luke four verse eighteen, and Matthew eighteen verses twenty-one through thirty-five, A bruise is an inward hurt, and can hold us in bondage. To be bruised means, to be crushed. Regarding bruises, Jesus said we need to be set free. Unforgiveness is the main door, that being bruised can open. When someone wounds us, Satan is there, ready to build a stronghold through the pain. Therefore, these strongholds, show there are wounds in our souls, that need to be healed.

Here are some questions that I encourage you to think about. Also, I encourage you to search God’s word for answers and direction:

The Bible declares, that, God is love. What are some ways that God’s love brings healing to our hearts?

Is there an area of your life, where you’ve had a broken heart and God has healed you? As encouragement to others, I highly encourage you, to share that testimony.

As we conclude, remember the following:

Satan uses our broken hearts, and bruises, to create strongholds in our lives.

Jesus came to heal our hearts, and All our bruises.

Forgiveness closes the door to Satan’s attack in our lives.

After we pray, take a moment to wait on the Lord, and ask Him if there’s an area of your heart that has been broken, and He wants to heal. Invite Him to come, heal that part of your heart.

Will you pray with me? Father, I submit my brokenness, and bruises to You. Heal my heart and my memories. I ask You to heal me now, from all the stress, and give me holy forgetfulness. I choose now, by an act of my will, to forgive, to forget, and to be healed. In Jesus’ Holy name. Amen.

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