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Genesis 39





The theme of this chapter begins with the words, “The Lord was with Joseph”. 

As we have seen, Joseph had a special calling on his life from a small child. God had revealed to him that he would do great things. You will find this in Genesis 37:5-10. 

However, from that time on, Joseph’s life was filled with hardship. His brothers hated him. His father, though he loved him, didn’t understand him. And finally, he was sold to a traveling caravan. 

He was taken to Egypt and there sold as a slave into the house of Potiphar, captain of Pharaoh's guard. 

Joseph’s brothers received 20 pieces of silver when they sold him to the Ishmaelites. 

We are not told the amount Potiphar paid when he was sold a second time. It could have been 30 pieces of silver, the value the Law placed on restitution for a servant that might be accidently killed. (Exodus 21:32)

The point is no one saw the real value of Joseph’s life except God. 

He chose Joseph to serve Him and fulfill an important role in developing the nation He was building through Abraham. 

His commitment to God never waivered.

When he was betrayed by his brothers.

When he was conspired against by Potipher’s wife.

When he was cast into prison for a wrong he was not guilty of. 

His integrity was never compromised.

He didn’t compromise his morals with Potiphar’s wife.

He didn’t become bitter when casted into prison. 

His gifts served him in every situation he found himself in. 

He was promoted to become head over Potiphar’s house. 

He was promoted to become head “trustee” of the prison. 

(In a couple of days we will discover he will be promoted once again to the place he had 

seen in his dream.) 

The chapter ends with these words, 

“because the LORD was with him; and whatever he did, the LORD made it prosper.”

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