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21 Days Of
Prayer And

Resource page

If you want to hear a breakdown of the 21 Days Of Prayer And Fasting, click the button below to hear Pastor Tim and Pastor Casey have a conversation about our 21 days. 

We are so excited to jump into our 21 Days Of Fasting And Praying! We believe that God will do great things within you personally and also as a collective Church family. This page will help resource you as we jump into these 21 days. You'll find a PDF of our book. However, we encourage you to grab one from the lobby (please take one book for teenagers and older.) Also located on this page, you will find downloadable resources for your kiddos if you have yet to receive them in person from our team. 

As we dive into our 21 days, please share anything the Lord has done or spoken for you. with our "My Story" page. We want to celebrate right along with you! 

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Walking through this process as a family with children can be challenging. However, this allows us as parents to bring understanding as we walk this journey together. We want to resource you as adults and parents to help in your conversations with your kiddos.

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