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Genesis 7





Today, we are looking at Genesis Chapter 7, or the flood chapter.  This flood was a worldwide flood, sent by God,  that covered all of earth’s dry land, even the mountains.

A synopsis of the chapter is:


Noah was a righteous man before God, and God promised to keep him alive and safe during the flood and instructed him how to build this structure that we call an ark.  It wasn’t built to sail through the storm as much as it was built to float and survive the flood.

God also wanted to preserve many of his animal creations, so Noah was instructed to take seven pairs of all clean animals into the ark along with one pair of unclean animals.

God told Noah the flood would begin in 7 days, and it would rain non-stop for 40 days and 40 nights.


Noah was 600 years old when the earth was flooded. His wife, his 3 sons, Ham, Shem, and Japeth, and their wives were on the ark with him. God instructed Noah and his family to come onto the ark, and then God shut and sealed the door himself.


In verse 11, it says, “All the underground waters of the earth erupted from the earth and the rain began to fall in mighty torrents and continued to pour for 40 days and nights.”

Not only did it rain torrentially, but the underground springs and rivers burst out onto the earth.

The water rose so high that the highest mountains were covered by at least 15 cubits.  This was an ancient measurement of between 18-21 inches.  God made sure that the mountain tops were covered with enough water so the ark wouldn’t run aground.


In verse 21, the word states, " every or all living beings on the earth died. Birds, livestock, beasts, and all of mankind.” Then, the waters remained on the earth for 150 days.


Most people have heard of Noah and his ark and his animals. We teach it in Sunday schools and

Children’s church.  We buy the arks with animals for our kids to play with and puzzles of the ark for

them to put together. But there is a powerful lesson about our God in this account of Noah and his ark full of animals and family.


God is a God of love, but He is also a god of justice and holiness.  His love is pure and holy and cannot overlook or abide with sin.  We need to remember that.  In remembering that, we see how he provided Noah, who was righteous who honored God, a way to be saved. 


God offers us a way to be saved from the judgment of sin and death.  He offers us the salvation of

His son, Jesus Christ.  We can find safety and shelter through faith in Jesus Christ the Lord.  He is our Ark of salvation. He, Jesus Christ, is waiting for each of us to come to him. 


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